How much Investment is needed to start a RagersVille Pre-School?

The Investment for opening a RagersVille pre school range between INR 6.00 Lacs to INR 12.00 lakhs depending upon the geaographic location and area choosen.

When is the Franchise fee payable?

Franchise fees is paid at the time of signing of the agreement between Ragersville and franchisee.

How much area is needed to start a RagersVille Pre-School?

A minimum of 1500 sq ft to 4000 sq ft area is required.

In which form can we start a pre schools ? Can I start a school in my own name ?

You can run a preschool under proprietorship, partnership firm, LLP, trust or society or you can form a company.

Already own a preschool and I wish to convert it to RagersVille?

Yes, its easily possible to get a running play school converted to Ragersville. We ensure quality and maintain certain standards will help you to get converted as Ragersville’s franchisee.

Do I need to own the property or can even start on leased/ rented property?

We would prefer a self owned premise but a lease owned premise is not a bar for us.We keep long term vision and believe that location and premise is more important than whether its a lease hold or self owned premise

Recruitment of Faculty and their training?

We conduct proper faculty recruitment and training sessions and ensure that it is done in best possible way.Its a onsite training program at school campus of new frenchisee.

Validation of franchise agreement?

Agreement is valid for 5 years and renewed at end of 5 years from the date of agreement

Marketing Support?

Ragersville help in brand building activities. We would be doing national level marketing activities along with supporting the local activities.

Logistic support ?

Yes,we will provide you one stop solution for all materials supplies starting from set-up materials to regular student kit.

Is it mandatory to purchase equipment from the company for setting the school?

Yes it is.We will provide list of items that has to be purchased from company only. We make it mandatory to buy it from company to ensure quality of products being used by franchise.