Is there standardized approach across all centers?

One of the key strengths of Ragersville is its consistency across teaching patterns – both academic and non-academic.

What is the adult-child ratio?

We take pride in the fact that we are one of the few preschools in the country that maintain the Low child teacher ratio – 10:1:1.

Why should I choose Ragersville for my child?

  • Researched Curriculum.
  • Low child teacher ratio – 10:1:1.
  • Children friendly environment.
  • Trained, experienced, friendly faculty.
  • Creative play-way methods.
  • Kind aesthetic guidelines.
  • Exercises, yoga & meditation.
  • Hygienic environment.
  • Regular health check-ups.
  • Regular tips for parents.
  • Pure drinking water.
  • Celebrations (B’days/festivals).
  • Stage exposure.
  • Maids (Aayas).
  • Excursions / picnics.
  • Celebration Area.
  • Splash Pool Activities.
  • Ball Pool Activities.
  • Free Inter branch transfer.
  • Transport facilities

Can you give us some insights about your teachers?

Ragersville’s teachers are highly dedicated and motivated who from time to time are equipped with orientation, education and training program, inter-school exchange program and many other skill up-gradation activities. They are very patient and understanding.

They encourage the development of each child by providing security and warmth emphasizing self-discipline.

What are the age criteria?

Play Group – 18 Month +

Nursery – 2.5-3.5 Years

L.K.G. – 3.5-4.5 Years

U.K.G. – 4.5-5.5 Years

What are the school timings?

Play Group(Discoverer) – 2.5 hours per day

Nursery – 2.5-3.5 hours per day

L.K.G. (Doer) – 2.5-4 hours per day

U.K.G. (Flyer) – 3.5-4.5 hours per day

Do you provide Transport

The school provides transport facility to children. Though adequate measures are taken to ensure safety of the children.

The school is not responsible for any mishap or injury which may occur in and around the school or in the transport.